Brain Beats 2015

Brain Beats 2015 was a huge success.  As soon as Passenger started strumming the opening chord of Let Her Go, I instantly knew it was going to be a very special day.Margaret Court Arena looked incredible filled with hundreds of smiling faces. It was the perfect setting for some of the world's biggest acts to crank out some of their best songs to an intimate crowd who were celebrating life and standing together in defiance of brain cancer.

As Passenger rolled into Bliss n Eso, Rudimental, Vance Joy and eventually Ed Sheeran it was so rewarding to see so many people enjoying themselves. But, it was also incredibly emotional. Some people had come to see their favourite singers, others to show their support for a great cause but there were many who were there because their lives have been irrevocably changed by this horrible disease. The power of great music may have allowed sufferers, carers and loved ones to forget, just for a fleeting second how difficult their life is, but the reality is that when the music stopped, people had to return to their lives and face the card they'd been dealt.

I hope BrainBeats can become a powerful and positive symbol of our ability to come together and fight. Fight for those who are suffering, fight for those who care for them and fight for those we've already lost.