Lowy Cancer Research Centre

It's a “no brainer”! Every patient diagnosed with brain cancer is completely different, yet we treat all patients the same.

There is an urgent need to better match the right patient to the right drug. This project aims to do that. PRECISION-GBM is a pilot study seeking to examine the biology of young patients diagnosed with the deadliest brain cancer, GBM or Glioblastoma.

For patients under the age of 40, we will collect some of the tumour at the time of surgical removal, grow the tumour in a dish, implant some of the tumour in a mouse brain (to act as a surrogate for the patient), and use whole genome sequencing to provide us with a “blueprint” of the tumour so that we can identify the genes that are driving the cancer growth, and importantly allow us to find treatments that will target those genes. Once we identify the treatments, we will test them on the patient cell lines to show efficacy. We strongly believe this unique way of treating patients will extend survival times.​

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Carrie Bickmore